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Eliminating the high costs of permanent stress.

This is the goal of the "Action against Permanent Stress". When we have reached our goal, the following vision will be a reality:


looks after people who are under permanent stress, approaches them and refers them to competent help centres.

It knows that people in permanent stress cannot help themselves. The permanently high adrenaline and cortisol levels prevent them from recognising and changing their situation.


have supplemented their stress management offer with measures against permanent stress.

They eliminate the high costs of the permanent loss of 30% performance and the ability to solve problems together by tackling the permanent stress at its source.

Permanently stressed people

nearby find coaches specialized in eliminating permanent stress.

Coaches who have learnt how to work competently and compassionately with low-resource clients on subconscious fears using psychology, biology and neuroscience.

The "Aktion gegen Dauerstress" was founded in 2022 by...

Nicole and Felix Müller. They have been happily married for 30 years and are the proud parents of two grown-up children. They combine Nicole’s experience in overcoming her burnout with severe depression and several months in hospital with Felix’s expertise as a certified coach with a focus on behavioural change in the business environment.

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