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Maintain your team's performance and creativity in a crisis.

Many leaders do a good job.

But recent crises such as broken supply chains, persistent energy shortages or galloping inflation threaten this success.

They lead to permanent stress – the stress that, according to science, reduces performance by 30% and the ability to develop creative solutions even more.

It is no wonder that managers are taking on permanent stress and discovering that they can simply eliminate it through cognitive behavioural coaching.

The „Aktion gegen  Dauerstress“ (Action against permanent stress) supports you as a leader in eliminating permanent stress through
– coaching programmes
– focus programmes on four core topics of permanent stress: „Finally saying no“, „Delegating with confidence“, „Prioritising effectively“ or „Working together in a more relaxed way“.
– A training programme for coahes to become „cognitive behavioural coaches against permanent stress“.
– The „quick stress test“ and information events on recognising permanent stress for managers and human resources staff.

The „Aktion gegen Dauerstress“ was founded by Felix Müller. He is 56 years old, has been happily married for 30 years and is the proud father of two grown-up children. He studied business in St. Gallen and the USA and has 25 years of leadership  experience. Since completing his Master’s degree in coaching in England nine years ago, he has been coaching employees from a wide range of companies to change their behaviour. He is certified by ICF, the world’s largest coaching association.